They hate our military, Musienko named clear reasons for the strike on Yelenovka


They hate our military, – Musienko named clear reasons for the strike on Yelenovka

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The war crimes of the Russians do not cease to amaze with their cynicism and cruelty. The recent shelling of the colony in the occupied Yelenovka, where Ukrainian prisoners were kept, shocked the entire civilized world.


The invaders had specific reasons for resorting to another terrorist act. Oleksandr Musiyenko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, told Channel 24 about this.

The genocidal rhetoric has done its job

According to Musiyenko, Russians hate the Ukrainian military. Moreover, the aggressive propaganda hysteria that Russia unleashed during the occupation of Donbass, the annexation of Crimea and on the eve of a full-scale invasion, achieved its goals.

There was a cultivation of hatred towards the Ukrainian people. It's like the Nazis are here, everyone deserves to be punished, and the people have no right to exist at all.

Today, the military-political leadership, headed by the head of this criminal terrorist group, Putin, has formed a request for such treatment of Ukrainians and the Ukrainian military. This must be acknowledged. And they strive to answer this request. And they use this, in particular, in order to stay in power,” Musienko explained.

The defenders of Mariupol are a symbol of the rebelliousness of the Ukrainian people

The head of the Center for Military Legal Studies believes that the tragedy in Yelenovka was definitely not an accident. This is a targeted execution of Ukrainian prisoners.

“They cannot forgive them for their heroic resistance. They cannot forgive the fact that Ukrainians do not surrender, but can fight to the last, even when they are in environment,” Musienko stressed.

He added that such tactics are not new for the Russians. They repeatedly used it in Soviet times.

New details of the strike on Yelenovka: the epicenter of the explosion was inside – watch the video

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