They just carried out the program, – Leshchina believes that the crimes in Bucha are not on personal initiative


We just carried out the program, – Leshchina believes that the crimes in Bucha were not on personal initiative

The crimes in the Kiev region were not a personal initiative/Photo by Yegor Firsov, Ukrayinska Pravda

Invaders committed incredible atrocities in Bucha and other towns in the Kiev region. Probably, the Russian military was carrying out a specific program.

The actions of the invaders are similar to those that took place in 2000. Adviser to the Minister of Justice, ex-representative of Ukraine to the ECtHR Ivan Lishchyna said this on Channel 24.

“I am more than sure that this (crimes in the Kiev region – Channel 24) was not a personal initiative,” Leshchina emphasized.

The actions of the occupiers are part of the procedure

Perhaps such a procedure was written out in some secret documents or is it some kind of tradition that passed from one commander to another. However, such actions are part of the procedure.

They (the occupiers – Channel 24) were just carrying out some kind of program, – the adviser to the Minister of Justice emphasized.

According to him, a special international criminal court following the example of the Yugoslav Tribunal.

“This is the right way”

He would take over the functionality – to consider specific cases, specific responsibility, executors or those who gave orders .

“This is the right way, containing an international investigation by special institutions, the involvement of foreign laboratories, experts,” Lishchyna explained.

The extent to which Ukraine will be able to implement this is a political question. However, such a development of events is certainly not impossible.

It is possible to implement the collection of evidence about the crimes of Russia

As Leshchina noted, it is necessary to prove the responsibility of each criminal individually. There is a proper procedure for this, the collection of evidence.

It is not something incredible or impossible to implement, he stressed.

Ideally evidence should be collected with the help of international investigators and experts in order to be sure that the process is carried out by independent structures.

“So that Russia does not later say that Ukraine faked everything,” added the ex-representative of Ukraine to the ECtHR.

Important! The lawyer explained how to join the collection of evidence of Russian war crimes during the full-scale war in Ukraine.

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