“They lie here like snowdrops”: the defenders of Ukraine showed the result of the repulsed attack of the “Wagnerites”


The occupier who continues to go to Ukraine has a high chance of replenishing the statistics of losses. This is what happened to the Wagner PMC fighters, who are now waiting for packages.

The day before, our military posted a video. On it you can see the consequences of another attack by the Wagnerites. It became unsuccessful for several dozen fighters who replenished the statistics of enemy losses.

Liquidated dozens around

The results of successful work were shared by servicemen from the 54th separate motorized brigade, K-2 battalion. They showed on the net what was left of the “Wagnerites” going on the attack.

Here is a pile lying around. And around they lie in packs, maybe 50-60 people. They are everywhere here, like snowdrops, – says the defender of Ukraine.

Our military eliminated the Wagnerites who were rushing to attack: video 18+

< h3>Some “Wagnerians” have better luck

So, on the eve of the tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky, now defending Ukraine, spoke about the achievements on the battlefield. He, along with his brethren, captured a “set of Wagnerians”. At least, the athlete himself joked that way.

Network users noted that two occupiers had a tape with the words “Action” in front of their eyes. Therefore, they joked that you were taking one Russian invader prisoner, and two more were going as a gift.

Meanwhile, the “Wagnerites” themselves complain about the military leadership. They decided to run into the Chief of the Russian General Staff Gerasimov. Like, because of his negligence, the occupiers have no shells.

They didn’t choose their words at all, taxing him with ten stories. After all, the “Wagnerites” are convinced that because of people like Gerasimov, other fighters from their group are dying.

Prigozhin supported his own. And this is yet another demonstration of the split within the Russian army. He also denied the rumors spread by Russian propagandists. The Kremlin, however, could not believe what they heard, so they blamed “Ukrainian nationalists” for everything.

But “Putin's cook” stressed that it was his fighters who publicly humiliated Gerasimov. At the same time, he supplemented the appeal of the “Wagnerites” to the head of the General Staff. They say that in a warm office one does not hear very well about the “problems of the front line”.

Whatever it is, but this is a clear demonstration that tension inside Russia is only growing. And soon it will reach a boiling point, when an aggressive division of spheres of influence will begin, as well as the appropriation of any achievements at the front. Although, Prigozhin has been studying both the first and second for many months.

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