They mocked the old man until his son replaced him: stories of people who were tortured in the Kharkiv region


They mocked the old man until his son replaced him: stories of people who were tortured in the Kharkiv region

For more than a year of full-scale war, the Russians have been committing war crimes with incredible brutality. In the occupied territories of the Kharkiv region, terrorists set up real torture chambers.

This was reported to Channel 24 by Anna Chernenko, a correspondent from Kharkiv. People who survived torture are now telling their stories, some of them are still not ready to show their faces, but there are a lot of stories.

The correspondent said that in the Kharkiv region, terrorists had equipped rooms in which they tortured people, trying to beg for some information.

Completely different people went through torture, men of all ages, different specialties. The police now know about 200 victims of torture chambers, there are many more, but not everyone is ready to talk about it.

Someone stayed there for a day and still cannot recover, they physically broke a person so much, and someone stayed there for a month and was intimidated,” Chernenko added.

Kotovniki in Volchansk

During the occupation of Volchanskaya, the Russians were based and set up one of the dungeons right in the local district department. Now you can see painted walls with Nazi symbols, destroyed furniture, cursed notes, in some places with a lot of spelling errors.

The stories of people who survived the dungeons are the stories of Ukrainian resistance. One of the victims, for example, removed the tricolor from the square after it had been hung out during the first hours of the occupation. The other handed over information to the Ukrainian side about the deployment of the occupying troops. Young local guys burned Russian equipment.

We remember this in order to remember how hard it is for our people so far in the occupied territories. How hard it is for Ukrainians and what they have to go through there,” Chernenko stressed.

Torture in Kharkiv region: watch video

Stories of resistance

Local law enforcers reported that most of the citizens were detained and tortured at the Volchansk Aggregate Plant. The enterprise has a large territory, the enemy used it to place a personal warehouse, ammunition, and separate premises were equipped there for keeping the locals.

The worst thing was when they beat me with an electric shock. We were always given a completely open pate in jars, for two, for three. And once they gave it with a lid, I broke it off and put it in my pocket, I thought that was all. Next time, if something happens, I will end my life, – said the city dweller, who went through the dungeon.

People in the dungeons were placed directly on the concrete floor, fortunately a piece of cardboard was found, there was no ventilation at all.

I had several attacks of suffocation, the only way to breathe is a hole punched under the cable. He pressed his lips to her and breathed, – said the victim.

The Russians had lists of ATO participants. An eyewitness told how an 82-year-old grandfather was driven into the dungeon, his son fought in the ATO. Grandfather was kept until his son came to replace him.

Once they sent a sixteen-year-old guy Denis to a cell. He was beaten for about a day. At first they were not kept in a dungeon, they were later brought there. He was threatened with execution, and beaten because he asked a friend on a mobile phone: “Well, what is there, when will HIMARS be given to Ukraine?”

What is known about the dungeons in the Kharkiv region

  • In the Kharkiv region, law enforcement officers discovered 27 places for torturing people, 25 of them have already been examined. Two dungeons cannot yet be examined, because they are located either in the temporarily occupied territory or in the war zone.
  • Many victims do not agree to talk about torture because it is morally difficult for them.
  • Anna Chernenko said that the health of Ukrainians who survived torture by the occupiers now has certain consequences, their condition is being monitored.

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