They must make sure in their own skin what war is – a resident of the Dnieper about the Russians


They have to make sure in their own skin what the war – resident of Dnipro about Russians

Occupiers once again proved that their country is a terrorist. After an enemy missile hit a residential building in the Dnieper, the Russians began to rejoice at the deaths of Ukrainians and noted that it was the work of Ukrainian air defense.

A woman from Dnipro said that the apartment of her 95-year-old mother was located in the entrance, which was destroyed by a Russian rocket. The owner of the apartment was miraculously saved.

What do the inhabitants of Dnipro wish the Russians

Dnepryanka said that her mother, a veteran of World War II, should live again under constant bombardment. Now she is at her daughter's house, because the Russians destroyed her apartment.

I want them (the Russians – Channel 24) to feel in their own skin what war is, what devastation is, and what we feel when we see our buildings in such a state, – the woman noted.

She added, that this is the only way to open the eyes of the inhabitants of Russia.

Opinions of Dnipro residents about Russians: watch the video

Ukrainians never “Russian world” will not be forgotten

A resident of Dnipro said that the “Russian world” has come to Ukraine and can be proud of what he has done. He stressed that the Ukrainians will never forgive them for these crimes.

“They hit a residential building with high-precision weapons. Let them be proud of it,” the Dnipro resident said.

He wished that all war crimes would return to the Russians like a boomerang.

Terrorist attack in Dnipro: latest news

  • On the morning of January 15, a Red Cross tent was set up near the site of the missile attack. Volunteers feed the victims, rescuers, police, public utilities.
  • There are also clothing collection points for the victims in the city. Help for the inhabitants of the house is brought to the Point of Invincibility in “Sturm”, volunteers sort things. They note that blankets, warm clothes, disposable tableware are needed.
  • All hospitals where the victims are located are provided with medicines and everything necessary for emergency care, he noted.
  • During the next minute silence at about one in the morning on January 15, rescuers heard the voice of a woman and continued to dismantle the ruins. At about 11:30 a.m. miraculously managed to get the woman and hand over to the doctors. Now the doctors are fighting for her life.

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