“They punish the whole world”: the White House reacted to China's decision to stop cooperation with the United States

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The White House said that China's suspension of dialogue with The United States is “irresponsible” on climate change.

U.S. National Security Administration spokesman John Kirby commented on China's decision announced on Friday, August 5, to end cooperation with the United States on a number of important issues, including on climate change.

The Independent quoted a statement by a White House spokesman.

John Kirby emphasized that China, by cutting off contact, believes that its actions are punishing the United States, but in fact creating a problem for the whole world.

“In fact, they are punishing the whole world, for which climate change knows no geographical boundaries,” he said.

Kirby called such actions of the Chinese authorities “irresponsible”.

“The world's biggest greenhouse gas polluter is now refusing to discuss the critical steps it needs to take to tackle the climate crisis hitting our partners, from rising water levels in the Pacific Islands to wildfires in Europe,” a White House spokesman said.


John Kirby also commented on China's decision to cut off military contacts, noting that it exacerbates the potential for confrontation.

“These contacts are indeed very important as they help reduce the risk of miscalculations and misperceptions. This is especially true now that China is taking provocative and escalatory steps,” he said, referring to the military exercises of the Chinese army in Taiwan.

He also assured that the United States will continue to maintain military contacts “at the highest level ” with China, despite the fact that Beijing has suspended several cooperation agreements.

Recall that five ballistic missiles launched by China during military exercises near Taiwan fell into the territorial waters of Japan.

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