They shot down two Su-25s and went to drink coffee, – one of the “ghosts of Kyiv” spoke about the first battles


We shot down two Su-25s and went to drink coffee, – one of the "ghosts of Kyiv" told about the first battles

Now, it seems, almost everyone in the world knows about the “ghost Kyiv” – an ace-pilot who heroically eliminated opponents at the beginning of a full-scale war. By the way, this is not one person, but a whole group of professionals.

One of the “ghosts” with the call sign “Beekeeper” told how the work of aviation changed the course of the war and how the pilots managed to protect the capital. Read on for more details.

What was the role of the “ghosts” in the defense of Kyiv

During a full-scale invasion, the first enemy strikes with dozens of missiles were focused on the entire air defense system. After that, the enemy planned to ruthlessly carry out air raids and bombing of Kyiv.

However, the professionalism and courage of our pilots prevented this. At the cost of their lives, the “ghosts” closed the sky in order to repel an armed invasion and save the capital.

“Beekeeper” says that the Russians were well aware of the capabilities of our aviation and tried to eliminate it in the first place.

These were countless rocket attacks on air structure. Attempts to destroy our aircraft in their bases. But we managed to remove almost all the equipment from the impact in a timely manner, save people and restore everything, – says the pilot.

When the enemy came closer to Kyiv and Vasilkov, he put forward his air defense systems in order to close the airspace to the maximum. The pilot says that the airfield was in the affected area, which is why the “ghosts” had to take off and land, leave the airfield area at extremely low altitudes – about 30 meters above the ground.

This made it possible not to fall into the zone of detection and destruction, but it required the highest skill, hardening and endurance from the pilots. p>”Beekeeper” shared the story of the most fierce battle. Once he was given the task of destroying two Russian Su-25 attack aircraft heading to the center of Kyiv to attack the main bridges on the Dnieper. Therefore, the pilots went on an interception mission.

“An air battle began with moving to the North, towards Vyshgorod. We managed to hit one” drying “with a missile. A little later, colleagues from the MTR confirmed that it had fallen in the north of the Kiev region “, – says “Beekeeper”.

The air battle continued and the enemy gradually lured Ukrainian pilots into the area of ​​​​operation of the hostile Buk air defense systems. When the “ghost” saw that an enemy rocket was flying out of the forest, he began to dodge. Then the battle moved to extremely low altitudes.

“Then I managed to outwit the enemy and take him into sight. He started to run away, but lost control of the aircraft, pressed himself to the ground and crashed. became restless for him. Thus,the enemy was destroyed without the use of weapons “, the pilot noted.

According to him, this was the first such mobile battle, extremely difficult to execute, but then it was perceived as a routine. After completing this task, the “ghost” says, the pilots habitually went to drink coffee and prepare for new sorties.

What emotions did the pilots experience during the battles

< p> The most difficult, according to “Beekeeper”, were the first weeks of total resistance. Time for rest and sleep was critically lacking, the pilots slept 2-3 hours a day. Because of the constant flights, we didn’t even have time to eat. However, the “ghost” assures that no one had fear.

There were clashes in the ratio of 2 to 6, 1 to 7 – in favor of the enemy. But none of the “ghosts” was wrong.

“We did not experience emotions. The only reaction of the body, which was noticed in the first days of the confrontation (and everyone else!), How our hands tremble from an excess of adrenaline

strong>. But that's all, until they got into the cockpit of a fighter. Combat work was calming,” said the “Beekeeper”.

He assured that the entire group of “ghosts of Kyiv” was confident and clear in their decisions, they understand what they are doing and for whom.

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