They simulated a murder to save a businessman: an official was detained in the Poltava region – video of the operation


A murder was simulated to save a businessman: an official was detained in the Poltava region – operation video< /p>

There was a long conflict between a businessman and an official from the Poltava region. Subsequently, the official decided to hire a killer to eliminate his opponent.

This was reported on January 24 at the State Bureau of Investigation. It is noted that the planning of the murder was known in advance.

“The employees of the DBR have established that it is planned to kill an entrepreneur from the Poltava region, for which they are actively searching for perpetrators from the criminal environment. In order to save the life of a man and expose the organizer, a multi-stage special operation has begun using the technical and intelligence capabilities of the Bureau,” the DBR reported.

What is known about the preparation of the assassination

The bureau found that a local official decided to hire a hitman who would kill a businessman for $5,000. He planned to transfer the money in two installments.

The DBR staged the murder: watch the video

The official gave more bail for the murder in December 2022. He promised to provide the rest after the crime. He wanted to make sure the killer had done his job and get pictures of the man he had killed.

DBR employees simulated a murder, after which the customer received photographs with a “corpse”, as well as some personal belongings of the victim, the department said.

What threatens the official

The official received a message about suspicion of a completed attempted murder committed on order. He faces life imprisonment.

Currently, the pre-trial investigation is ongoing. A measure of restraint is chosen for the murder customer and possible accomplices are identified.

Another DBR operation

Bureau exposed a criminal scheme to steal food for the military. The organizer of the scheme was one of the private enterprises of the Dnepropetrovsk region, which received military contracts worth more than 2 billion hryvnias in just six months.

The DBR conducted about 70 searches. It was noted that entrepreneurs noted a certain amount of products, but sent completely different volumes to military units. They resold the rest.

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