They stuff full grooves: in Lugansk, infidels again catch men on the street


Pazki are stuffed full: in Lugansk infidels catch men on the street again

In Lugansk infidels catch men in the street again/RBC

The Russian invaders in Lugansk, which they occupied, again began to catch men on the streets. Probably, in this way, the enemy is trying to restore losses in manpower.

This information was confirmed to journalists by Channel 24 sources in intelligence.

According to intelligence officers, mobilization in the quasi-republic of the “LPR “temporarily stopped. But this lull lasted only 1.5 weeks. Now the wave of mobilization has begun again.

A whole bucketful of mobilized people have been filled at the taxi depot. In the region of “Russia” – the same scheme. They ride all over the city, the scouts said.

Note that Russia has not yet announced a general mobilization, which everyone has been talking about since the beginning of a full-scale invasion. It seems that the Kremlin is now thinking through scenarios. As military expert Alexander Musienko said. According to him, partial hidden mobilization continues in the killer country, despite the fact that the general one has not been publicly announced.

According to the military expert, mobilization continues to some extent, but is hidden and, of course, not in full force. In Russia, they are trying to determine the number and think about the reservists.

The Kremlin is coming up with scenarios for how to attract reservists. Even through search sites, they offer contract service and salary. Headhunters are trying to find someone (for the war – 24 channels), – said Musienko.

He recalled that back in late March – early April, it was discussed in the information space that Russia could attract 60,000 reservists. This topic was raised, although now nothing is heard about it and any intelligence does not confirm this.

Russia has huge losses in Ukraine

Russian invaders suffer insane losses in the war against Ukraine. As of June 22, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already eliminated 34,230 infidels. Over the past day, our defenders and defenders liquidated 130 Russian soldiers. This figure is approximate, because it is simply impossible to accurately calculate the losses of the enemy in the zone of active hostilities.

Losses of infidels in equipment

  • tanks – 1496,
  • armored combat vehicles – 3614,
  • artillery systems – 752,
  • MLRS – 239,
  • air defense systems – 99,
  • aircraft – 216,
  • helicopters – 182,
  • operational-tactical level drones – 614,
  • cruise missiles – 137,
  • ships/boats – 14,
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 2543,
  • special equipment – 60.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that the enemy suffered more losses in the Slavic, Bakhmut, and Avdeevsky directions.

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