They talk a lot about money, but they are not the foundation for the restoration of Ukraine, – Zelensky


Money is talked about a lot, but it is not – the foundation of the restoration of Ukraine, – Zelensky

Zelensky about the post-war development of Ukraine/Screenshot

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the main topic of discussions about the resumption of the country after the war is money. The guarantor added what he considers the foundation of the country's development.

However, the guarantor stressed that money is not the foundation of the country's development.

Zelensky on the post-war development of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine is convinced that the main resources for the development of the state after the end of the war are people and ideas. According to him, when there are ideas and the Ukrainian people, you can understand why and how much money is needed.< /p>

We must have a clear understanding of how we see this or that sector of our economy. What direction of development is expected from this or that city? What benefit can this or that institution bring to the state as a whole, the President of Ukraine added.

Vladimir Zelensky stressed that the state should provide the most comfortable and free conditions for small and medium business. We are talking about taxes and administrative relations. The leader of Ukraine also named top priorities for development countries:

  • digitalization,
  • security (defensive potential should be at a new level),
  • judicial, anti-corruption and other important reforms.

The President stressed that all this should work towards a concrete vision of what Ukraine will be like after the war.

Zelensky's address for April 18: watch the video

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