They themselves refuse democracy: the journalist explained what the Russians are afraid of


They themselves refuse democracy: the journalist explained what the Russians are afraid of

The regime of dictator Vladimir Putin has driven the Russians into a dead end. They are on their own taking steps towards life imprisonment in this system.

Roman Tsymbalyuk, an international journalist, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, now the Russian people are simply doomed to death.

Democracy is not for Russia

Roman Tsymbalyuk explained that there are many different ways of governing states in the world. As an example – successful autocratic regimes, where power is inherited, well-feeling monarchies in the Middle East.

“The question is what is it? Now Russian society, in my opinion, is in such a state that they are suicidal, that is, no one really knows what they want,” he stressed.

In his opinion, they do not have a clear understanding of the war and do not know either its purpose or the predicted end.

Democracy is such a thing for Russia in its modern form, which is very dangerous, because they have such an opinion, if everything is real and real elections, then this can lead to the fact that many regions will simply secede from Russia, – focused He

According to Tsymbalyuk, the Russians understand everything in very narrow positions.

Roman Tsymbalyuk explained why Russia cannot be a democratic country: watch the video

Russians have no choice

The international journalist noted that Russia is a prison for peoples, into which they, in fact, want to take Ukraine. Evidence of this is the occupied Ukrainian lands, where our people are being destroyed.

In the modern world, when they advance near Bakhmut, to be honest, it seems to me that apart from a bullet, they do not deserve anything, really,” he explained.

According to him, in this context, it is strange and not even interesting to talk about democracy in the context of Russia.

“We need to put the question a little differently: “How can you do it so that they know from childhood that if you try to occupy or leave for Ukraine with weapons, they will simply kill you? We must work on this,” Tsymbalyuk is convinced.

He stressed that at present the system of values and the system of power among Russians has nothing in common with common sense.

“There is no smell of democracy there, and it will not smell, although elections are formally held,” he aptly remarked.

The same story is in Belarus, where the election of the head of the country is just a formality.

Recall! An online referendum was held in Russia on the separation of 5 regions at once from the composition of the Russian Federation. It is likely that the number of those areas in which there will be a desire to permanently end Putin's oppression may increase.

The collapse of Russia: more

  • Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, believes that Russia is losing control within the country. And the Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko noted that the Russian dictator is less and less in control even of the war.
  • The dictator himself revealed information about the mythical plan of the West to divide the former USSR and Russia into castes. In Putin's vivid fantasy, the West wants to partition Russia in order to control it.
  • The war criminal also complained that such an ethnic group as the Russian people could disappear in the form in which it is today.
  • He expanded the rhetoric that if Russia loses the war against Ukraine, then the Russian Federation will cease to exist, as a result of which all Russians will allegedly be enslaved.

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