They want to “slap” Lenin: in the center of Kherson, the invaders destroy the monument to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred


They want to

the invaders demolish the monument to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred/Facebook of Dmitry Butriy

In the center of temporarily occupied Kherson, the invaders are demolishing the monument to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. The OVA says that law enforcement officers will deal with those employees of the Kherson Regional Museum of Local Lore who are involved in this.

Acting head of the Kherson police department Dmitry Butriy reported about another crime of infidels. He stressed that, despite all the efforts of the Russians, there will be no monuments of leaders and emperors in the Kherson region. h2>

Therefore, don't waste time attracting a monument to Lenin or Catherine to the Kherson region, after the liberation of the region they will follow you. We will rebuild everything, restore it and make it many times better,” Butriy stressed.

The interim acting head of the OVA noted that the concept of culture turned out to be far away precisely for those people who should protect it. Therefore, law enforcement agencies should give an assessment to representatives of the leadership of the Kherson Regional Museum of Local Lore. Also, all those involved in the humiliation of the Ukrainian heritage will be held accountable.

The occupiers have special sentiments for Lenin

Note that the Russians really have an unhealthy love for Lenin. It is the monument to the leader of the proletariat that they erect in almost every occupied city or even village. At the same time, representatives of the aggressor state believe that the establishment of monuments to Lenin is more important than, for example, restoring the destroyed one and resolving the humanitarian crisis.

  • Back in April, Lenin was “slapped” back onto a pedestal near the RGA in Genichesk. Ilyich has not been here since 2015, when he was legally dismantled.
  • In Novaya Kakhovka, the Russians found an even more honorable place for their former leader – on the central square. A several-meter-long Lenin was solemnly transported in a truck across the city.

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