They wanted to change the Constitution: the referendum of the pro-Russian opposition failed in Slovakia


They wanted to change the Constitution: the referendum of the pro-Russian opposition failed in Slovakia

Pro-Russian political forces in Slovakia tried to create a constitutional mechanism for early parliamentary elections. For this, a referendum was organized, in which 1.2 million people took part.

The referendum asked about support for changes to the Constitution to make it easier to call early elections. Although 98% voted in the affirmative, the vote was considered invalid.

The reason is that the turnout in the referendum was 27.25%, but not less than 50%.

President's reaction

The referendum was initiated by the pro-Russian opposition led by the Smer-SD party. They have been trying to hold a vote since 2020 and get the government of Eduard Heger resigned.

The head of the Smer party, Robert Fico, considers the referendum a success. It was Fico who took responsibility for it. In his opinion, if such a turnout occurs in the parliamentary elections, then there will definitely be changes in Slovakia.

Slovak President Zuzanna Caputova said she respects the results of the referendum. This applies to both those who came to vote and those who expressed their position by non-participation.

An election date must be chosen before the end of January to finally put an end to the political crisis. It is important that the deputies adopt the amendment to the Constitution on early parliamentary elections as soon as possible,” the president said.

She noted that she was ready to use her powers and appoint an interim government by the end of January.

p>Note! On December 15, the Slovak government received a vote of no confidence from parliament and resigned. There were only 20 people's deputies against the dismissal of Prime Minister Eduard Heger. 78 deputies voted in favour.

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