They were shot for disobeying an order – a Wagnerian complains about the cruelty of command


They were shot for disobeying an order - a Wagnerian complains about the cruelty of command

A captured Wagnerian complains about his command, which shoots those who refuse to fight. Also an occupier

A video was published on the network, where the captured Wagnerite Igor Ilyin says that his command shoots the military who refuse to obey the order. 24 Channel .

What does the Wagnerian say about losses?

According to the prisoner, this happened in a training camp in the city of Ussuriysk. On January 7, a Wagner instructor with the call sign “Bandit” shot several people.

Then the kafir turned to the inhabitants of Russia, he calls on them to refuse to go to war in Ukraine. He also said that the Wagner PIK is a deceptive terrorist organization.

The Wagnerian said that the Ukrainian military defend their homes, while the Wagnerites “attack like animals.”

The prisoner stated that the losses among the Wagnerites were significant, and many militants were also injured.

He added that over the past three days in the third assault vault of the PIK Wagner, 12 were wounded and 3 were killed.

The history of PVK “Wagner” is coming to an end

  • The GNSU reported that near Bakhmut, “Wagnerites” tried to attack an observation post of Ukrainian border guards. Our fighters returned fire, repelled the assault on the invaders and captured the “Wagnerian”. He said that he went to fight for a monetary reward and so far had not killed anyone.
  • The speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces, Sergei Cherevaty, said earlier that the history of the Wagner military complex was coming to an end. According to him, there are still several thousand mercenaries left in the Donetsk direction. And they were in a very disadvantageous position for them.
  • Meanwhile, the tension is rising. Putin's entourage, journalists say, asks to “tame” Prigogine. The reason for this was his sharp criticism of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of Russia.
  • By the way, Prigozhin also said that he wants to run for president of Ukraine. Aleksey Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, reacted to this. He called the head of the Wagner PPK a sick person and stressed that no one would let him do this.

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