They will bathe in their own gas, – Zerkal commented on the latest actions of the Russian “Gazprom”


They will bathe in their own gas, – Zerkal commented on the latest actions of the Russian Gazprom

Russian Gazprom threatens to completely stop gas supplies to Ukraine. In fact, it has already stopped deliveries to some countries, so you need to be prepared for such a development of events.

About this Channel 24said Lana Zerkal, adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine. Earlier, energy expert Gennady Ryabtsev suggested that Russia would turn off gas for the winter for Europe.

Russia stopped gas supplies to some countries

Zerkal noted that “Gazprom” stopped gas supplies through Poland, to Finland, “Nord Stream 1”. It is logical to assume that subsequently they will completely stop deliveries.

They will bathe in their own gas, enjoy torches and bonfires from this gas in Russia,” said the adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

Supply from Gazprom is now in minimal volume

She continued that at present supplies from Gazprom are minimal. In particular, Ukraine stopped working with the occupied Sohranivka GTS, but Russia did not transfer those volumes to the Sudzha GTS, although much more can be delivered through it.

“The cessation of supplies is part of their logic. Although no one can guess what they will do,” Zerkal stressed.

Russia sought to provoke a catastrophe

An adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine told how the Russians suddenly increased the pressure at the end of July. However, our GTS coped and did not allow any catastrophe. A few years ago, because of this, an explosion occurred at the Turkmen gas transportation system.

In fact, it was a terrorist act,” she stressed.

Europe is no longer responding to Russian threats

According to Zerkal, the European market is facing Russian threats no longer responding. In particular, to Medvedev's statements that Europe will pay even more for gas. Even French President Emmanuel Macron said that Russia already supplies only 9% of the gas.

“The Europeans have already prepared 90% of their underground storage facilities. Therefore, they are provided for the winter period. In addition, they are installing floating terminals. In particular, Germany will install 2 terminals in December-January, and plans to have 4 more next year,” the adviser to the minister said. energy. Ukraine.

She added that Europe already proceeds from the fact that it has lost Russia and Gazprom as a supplier. Therefore, all statements are not relevant for pricing.

Other countries also do not react to Russia

Zerkal noted that other non-European countries do not respond to Russia's threats and blackmail. Particularly China. As a result of the SCO, there were no agreements on the construction of the Power of Siberia 2 GTS. Russia immediately announced repairs to the Power of Siberia 1. So China was temporarily left without gas supplies.

True, many more countries depend on Russian gas. In particular, Georgia, Armenia, – stressed the adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

Supply to Europe was the most profitable

She continued that, nevertheless, no one in the world would give Russia the income that Europe gave for gas. It delivers gas to China at 10% of the price that was in Europe.

“You cannot compare the income from China, where smaller volumes go, and the loss of the European market,” summed up Zerkal.

Zerkal commented on the latest actions of the Russian Gazprom: watch the video

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