They will contribute to a powerful offensive: why Leopard tanks are good for Ukraine


They will contribute to a powerful offensive: why Leopard tanks are good for Ukraine

Recently, talk has intensified about the possible transfer of German tanks Leopard 1 or Leopard 2. If this happens, then they will perfectly strengthen the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Military analyst Aleksey Getman told Channel 24 about this. According to him, both Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 are excellent tanks that will be very useful for Ukraine for further counteroffensives.

Both versions of the tanks are in service in NATO countries. The Leopard 2 has a more powerful 120mm smoothbore gun. And its predecessor is a rifled 105 mm. Also, Leopard 1 weighs about 40 tons, and Leopard 2 – more than 60 tons.

What tanks can Ukraine get

According to Hetman, most likely, Ukraine will still receive an older version – Leopard 1. There is unverified information that such an agreement exists among international partners. After all, the Leopard 2 tanks are somewhat smaller.

I believe that we will soon receive Leopard 1 tanks. They are similar in weight and size to the T-64, which we mainly use. These tanks can be quickly mastered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for combat operations,” Hetman noted.

The Leopard 1 tanks are comparable in years of manufacture to the Russian T-64, T-72 and T-80. However, it is the Western “leopards” that dominate the Russian ones by head in terms of firing range, accuracy, quality, maneuverability, etc. It is also important that in Poland there is a base for the repair of these tanks.

Will Ukraine get German tanks: briefly

  • German Economy Minister Robert Habeck does not rule out that in the future Berlin may provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks
  • Since the beginning of a full-scale war, Ukraine has been striving to get Leopard tanks. However, in Germany they regularly emphasize that they will not make decisions on the transfer of this equipment on their own.
  • There is a possibility that Ukraine will receive tanks from other allies. Media reports that Poland and Finland may transfer a certain number of Leopard tanks. In addition, there is information from Politico that France and Poland are putting pressure on Germany to transfer battle tanks.

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