“They will kill themselves”: India reported details of the death of the Russian “sausage king” who criticized Putin's war

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Russian oligarch died in India in late December last year after falling out of the hotel. In June, he criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Indian authorities are investigating the mysterious death of Russian State Duma deputy Pavel Antov, a former associate of Vladimir Putin, nicknamed the “sausage king”.

The Wall Street Journal reports new details about the death of a Russian MP from Putin's party and the founder of one of Russia's largest sausage companies.

Pavel Antov fell from the roof of a hotel in India a few days after the death of his friend, who was also found dead in the same hotel in Rayagad. Both traveled through the jungle and “drank a lot,” according to the publication, citing its own sources in the investigation. But their deaths added to the list of Putin-connected leaders and military who died mysteriously.

Antov was a member of the ruling United Russia party, owner of a sausage company, and head of the agriculture and environmental committee in the Russian city of Vladimir. In June, he circulated a message on social networks criticizing the war in Ukraine, which he later deleted.

A few months later, Antov and his friend Vladimir Bidanov went to India to visit the jungles of the eastern state of Odisha.

Indian investigators told the WSJ that Russians heavily abused alcohol while on vacation. “If they don't stop drinking, they will kill themselves,” driver Natabar Mohanty, who accompanied the Russians on the trip, was quoted as saying.

Bidanov, who lived with Antov, died of a heart attack during the celebration of the birthday of the “sausage king”.

Two days after his friend's death, a hotel employee saw Antov suddenly get up from his desk and walk towards the roof of the hotel. When the hotel staff went up to the roof, they saw Antov's lifeless body on the side of a three-story building. Indian police are still investigating the deaths of the two Russians to determine if Antov jumped, was pushed, fell by accident and was still alive at the time of the fall.

The bodies of both men were cremated before their remains were sent back to Russia.

The publication estimates that at least 19 Russians, oligarchs or officials, have died since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Pavel Antov was the head of the agriculture committee of the parliament of the Vladimir region of Russia and was one of the richest Russian deputies, according to the Russian edition of Forbes, with an official annual income of almost 150 million euros. It was the founder of the meat products company Vladimir Standard.

Earlier, the Russian richest, co-founder of the Don-Stroy company, which belongs to the largest developers in Moscow, Dmitry Zelenov died in the resort town of Antibes on the French Riviera, having fallen from the stairs of the house.

Recall that the former top manager of the Russian oil giant Lukoil, billionaire Alexander Subbotin, died in Mytishchi after an anti-hangover session with shamans.

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