“They will squeal like a cut pig”: what tactics will the Russians choose


Russia periodically threatens with a nuclear strike not only to Ukraine, but also to the world. However, Vladimir Putin will not take such a step, but will demand results at the front.

The Director of Practical Policy Programs of the Institute of Political Education told Channel 24 about this Alexander Solontai. He is convinced that the liberation of Ukrainian territories will lead not to a nuclear war, but to an increase in mobilization in Russia.

According to Solontai, as long as there are competitions on the front line, we can be sure that the enemy will hope to win on the battlefield, so there can be no nuclear strikes until the end of 2023.

Russian Tactics

Russia will use the tactic of “mass bloodshed, mass bloodshed with its human material, despite any losses,” the speaker noted.

They will threaten, they will shout, they will squeal like a cut pig, they will. But they will not do anything of the kind, because on their part there will be an attempt to flood with masses of corpses, and on our part – advancement across our own territory, – the expert emphasized.

Solontai is convinced that tactics near Bakhmut and Soledar, the Russians will continue to advance, because this is their only success since July. There is no other place on the front from which they would not retreat, because they had no success, except Soledar. They realized that the tactic works, and more people will now be thrown into the crucible of war.

Solontai on Russian tactics: watch the video

Ukraine will not cross the border

” Even in those rare cases when the relief itself, the art of war says that it is necessary to occupy a landing, a village, a camp on the territory of Belarus or Russia in order to firmly hold the Ukrainian border, the Ukrainian military never do this, at the cost of life, our villages, communities, farms “, – said Solontai.

He is convinced that the Ukrainian army will never give grounds for the use of nuclear weapons – it will not cross the state border. right, but he's not completely mad. It is clear that he is driven out, he is looking for a way, he lets his people slaughter, but it is clear that he is not crazy, who will resort to nuclear strikes after we begin to liberate our other cities,” Solontai said.

Russia's Nuclear Threats: The Latest

  • Bellingcat reporter Christo Grozev, an independent international intelligence community reporter, says Putin is quite serious about launching a nuclear strike on Poland .
  • An expert from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, Ivan Stupak, stressed that there is a big question about the state of Russian nuclear weapons and whether they exist at all.
  • Russian propagandists began to threaten the use of nuclear weapons against Great Britain for aid to Ukraine.

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