They will talk about friendship, the political scientist suggested what to expect from the meeting of the head of China with Putin


They will talk about friendship, – the political scientist suggested what to expect from the meeting of the head of China with Putin

Xi Jinping went on a visit to Central Asia. During his tour, the Chinese leader will meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

The meeting will take place within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, which will be held in Uzbekistan. Political scientist Taras Zagorodniy spoke about this Channel 24.

According to him, one of the main issues that Putin and Xi Jinping will discuss will be the war in Ukraine.

What to expect from the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping

Most likely, the Chinese President may publicly declare support for Russia.

Putin and Xi Jinping will speak good words of support and eternal friendship. China will continue its anti-Western rhetoric and may even say that the US and NATO owe it to the war in Ukraine. But Ukrainians should not worry about this,” Zahorodniy emphasized.

According to the political scientist, Xi Jinping makes statements that please Putin's ear. However, the reality shows something completely different.

  • Despite all Moscow's hopes, China has not helped Russia in the war against Ukraine.
  • Moreover, China is reducing exports to russia materials and products that can be used for the needs of the military-industrial complex. This is because Beijing is afraid of falling under Western sanctions.

What Xi Jinping wants from Putin

The reason for this behavior of Xi Jinping lies in the fact that the Chinese leader has his own plans for Russia.

The Chinese will now download resources from Russia, which has actually become a raw material appendage China. Russia is already selling cheap oil and gas to China, which it cannot sell to Europe,” Zagorodniy said.

According to him, it is possible that Xi Jinping will again try to get something in exchange for statements of support from the Kremlin.

The political scientist added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using similar tactics, exploiting Russia in exchange for promises to “force Zelensky to a truce.”

Russia is losing influence in Central Asia< /h2>

The political scientist sees another aspect in the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping. According to him, in fact, China intends to take over the affairs of Russia in Central Asia.

Now Moscow is losing influence in this region. Central Asia is trying to balance between three centers of influence – China, Turkey and the United States. Russia is no longer in this equation,” Zagorodniy emphasized.

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Russian-Chinese Relations: Key Features

  • Russia and China have close economic relations. The Kremlin hopes that China will help the Russians cope with the consequences of the attack on Ukraine, but Beijing is in no hurry and adheres to a policy of “neutrality”.
  • Russian opposition journalist and politician Igor Yakovenko suggested that Putin wants to meet with Xi Jinping in order to ask for support in the war against Ukraine. However, China is not going to help Russia.
  • China cannot openly support the Putin regime in the war against Ukraine. As political and economic expert Valery Klochok noted, it is important for Beijing to maintain its influence in the markets for goods and services in Europe and America.

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