“They won’t be treated anymore”: APU hit the VIP hospital for Kadyrov’s


In the Luhansk region, the occupiers set up a hospital in the dispensary of a machine-building plant. It is interesting that only Kadyrovites had the right to be treated there.

A batch of “cotton” was brought to the hospital in occupied Kadiyevka on January 21. Now no one will be treated there.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine dealt a powerful blow

As noted, our defenders hit the former dispensary of the machine-building plant with high-precision weapons.< /p>

Location of the hospital of the Kadyrovites/Photo by StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is still unknown how many Kadyrovtsy our fighters cured from life.

Occupiers Fail at Kremennaya

  • British intelligence has reported that in recent days, the most intense fighting has taken place on three sectors of the front. In particular, near Kremennaya, our fighters achieved certain results and successfully repulsed the Russian counterattack.
  • Sergey Gaidai noted that the front line was already approaching Kremennaya. The Russians launch an attack on the zek army, which must make its way through the minefields.
  • Near the city of Kremennaya, Ukrainian intelligence officers successfully roasted the positions of infidels. As noted, the SOF soldiers met Russian infidels during a special reconnaissance in the Kremennaya area. The soldiers of the special forces immediately decided to join the battle. As a result of the battle, our defenders inflicted fire damage on the Russian invaders.

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