“They won’t even open their mouth because of the death of their son”: how VKontakte reacts to the death of Russians


Russians do not care about the death of their relatives in the war/Screenshot

Despite the losses of the invaders hidden by the hostile authorities, the Russians are mass burying their dead relatives. However, they do not intend to be very upset.

Toronto Television monitored how Russians react on social networks to the death of their brothers, sons and husbands. This was told on the air of Channel 24 by the scriptwriter, host of the show Max Shcherbina.

Journalists entered in the search for the popular social network among Russians “VKontakte” – “during a special operation”.

Pay attention! Watch the full episode of Toronto Television on how relatives of the occupiers react to their deaths.

Relatives of the dead occupiers almost do not react

They tried to find the reaction of the relatives of the dead occupiers to the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine.

Your brother, son was killed , father. How do you react to this? Mostly, either in no way, or in some kind of verse, – Shcherbina said.

According to him, the occupiers have no reflection on the death of relatives, discontent or understanding. In publications – only poetry with the words: “He died doing his duty, protecting our world.” This situation introduces dissonance.

“Are you really so” packed “that you won't even open your mouths because of the death of your child or husband? No, they won't,” the scriptwriter of the show said.

Note that for the second time during the war, on March 25, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the losses of its military. There they started talking about only 1,351 dead. However, in fact, there are many more dead invaders – more than 14 thousand.

Shcherbina spoke about humor during the war: watch the video

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