They won’t immediately drop to “zero”: the Ministry of Defense spoke about sending mobilized to the front


They won't go to zero right away: the Ministry of Defense told about sending mobilized to the front

Reznikov answered the myth that mobilized without preparation are sent to the front./Channel 24 Collage

Many myths about mobilization are spreading in Ukraine. One of these is the myth that allegedly mobilized without any exercises can be sent immediately to the front line.


The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about this on the air of a nationwide telethon, reports Channel 24. According to him, the dissemination of information that a mobilized person can immediately go to the front line is one of the elements of an information-psychological special operation.

First, a mobilized person undergoes training

Aleksey Reznikov noted that the mobilized is first sent to a training center. There are various exercises – from the skills of tactical medicine to the handling of weapons. The mobilized also provide clothing and protection systems – from helmets to bulletproof vests.

After completing the exercises, the one mobilized by specialty receives a referral to the appropriate unit.

Therefore, the Minister of Defense once again emphasized that the fiction that the mobilized are sent to the front are elements of the IPSO, which is distributed by the Russians, in conditions not only real, but also informational war.

A summons does not mean mobilization

The Minister of Defense also stressed that serving a summons does not mean mobilization of a person liable for military service. Reznikov noted that many of those subject to conscription changed their place of residence and did not register with the military registration and enlistment office, although in accordance with the current legislation they had to do this.

That is, by issuing subpoenas, staffing centers check whether there registered or in reserve, but this does not mean that after receiving the summons, she will certainly be called up for service.

Reznikov also drew attention to the issuance of the summons to offenders. The minister was categorically against it. According to him, this is a discredit that should not be.

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