Thiem's climate appeal:


Thiem's climate appeal:

Dominic Thiem and his girlfriend Lili Paul-Roncalli.

An injury forces Dominic Thiem to take a tennis break. He uses the time to find out more and to campaign for environmental protection.

Dominic Thiem is an animal lover. That has been clear for many years. On the tour he campaigns for clean oceans and likes to write his message on the TV camera after victories. At home he recharges his batteries with the new family dog, which he presented to his fans for the first time this weekend shortly after his 28th birthday. Thiem is also the godfather of the one-year-old koala girl Millaa Millaa at Schönbrunn Zoo.

The Lichtenwörther deals intensively with the topics of animal and environmental protection. Currently more than ever. He had to end his season prematurely because of a wrist injury and will return to the tour in January at the earliest for the Australian Open. In “Sport and Talk from Hangar 7”, he can now see on “SevusTV” how he spends his newfound free time.

In addition to a lot of passive sport (tennis, football, Formula 1), one thing above all occupies him: “Of course I tried not to let my mind wither away, to read a lot. The subject of environmental protection and animal welfare is very important to me Above all, I informed myself, read a lot about it, and had contact with many people who are very knowledgeable about it. To broaden my horizons. “

The realization? “Science was already in agreement five years ago that climate change is here. Only five years ago it was not seen so clearly. But now, what has been going on in the last two or three years. Now again, what You have seen from the rains that this has to be clear to everyone. It must be the goal of everyone to change something. Otherwise it can quickly go downhill. “

So Thiem has a clear climate appeal to his fans: to take the topic seriously, to change something.

Climate at the point: “Today” starts a new environmental department

The rains in New York that he mentioned were the most recent of many extreme weather events in the summer of 2021. Hurricane “Ida”, which devastated the US southern state of Louisiana, hit the “Big Apple” with full force last week. Tornadoes and extreme rainfall caused chaos and negative records on the east coast. Unfortunately for dozens of deaths too.

The US Open were also affected by the rains. Some games had to be postponed. Spectators were sometimes stuck in the arenas during the flash floods – including former ski queen Lindsey Vonn.

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