This is a provocation – GNSU on allowing Ukrainians to pick berries on the territory of Belarus


This is a provocation, – GNSU about allowing Ukrainians to pick berries on the territory of Belarus

Lukashenko may be preparing new provocations/Collage of Channel 24

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">Self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko said he was allowing Ukrainians from the border areas to pick mushrooms and berries in Belarus. This decision was made unilaterally.

This was stated at a briefing by a representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Demchenko, channel 24 reports.

A few days ago, the border committee of the Republic of Belarus announced the permission for Ukrainians from certain areas of the Rivne region to visit forests in a landscape reserve Olman swamps. no representative office was conducted,” Demchenko said.

No passes

The speaker of the GNSU stressed that since Belarus supports Russian aggression, the security of Ukrainians from the border area is a big question. Demchenko appealed to them and urged them to consciously and balancedly treat such statements by Belarus.

Temporary places of passage of citizens in this region will not function and the passage of Ukrainians in the direction of Belarus will not be carried out. At the same time, the authorities of the Rivne region have already noted that, according to the decision of the Council of Defense of the region, clear zones have been identified for the collection of wild Russians, which local residents know about, Demchenko explained.

It is forbidden to collect wild Russians in six communities

The head of the Rivne Military State Administration Vitaliy Koval also urged not to be provoked. He stressed that residents of Rivne Polissya picking berries should not cross the border with Belarus, since it is closed from the Ukrainian side.

Do this consciously and responsibly. Picking berries in our native forests of Polissya! – said Koval.

He added that the Regional Defense Council allowed to visit the forest to collect wild plants in the Rivne region. However, this cannot be done in the northern parts of six territorial communities:

  • Loknitskaya;
  • Zarechnensky;
  • Vysotsky;
  • < li> Milyatsky;

  • Staroselskaya;
  • Berezovskaya.

border with Belarus

According to the GNSU, there are no significant changes yet. The units of the armed forces of Belarus continue to carry out tasks to strengthen the border with Ukraine. This is approximately 7 battalions, as well as separate units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Engineering arrangements are being carried out in the border regions of Belarus and the use of electronic warfare equipment is being recorded.

Pay attention – Belarus showed its best weapon: watch the video

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