This is a signal to Putin, the political scientist explained why Macron decided to provide tanks


This is a signal to Putin, – the political scientist explained why Macron decided to provide tanks

Popular French far-right pro-Putin politician Marie Le Pen has issued a statement against the transfer of French Leclerc tanks. But Macron decided to provide tanks to Ukraine in order to overtake Germany.

This was announced on Channel 24 by political scientist Valery Klochok. In his opinion, the position on this issue is determined not even by the President of France, but by the world community.

“Le Pen can bark at Vladimir Putin as much as she likes, but the position is not yet determined by her, and not even by Emanuel Macron, but by the world. The anti-Putin coalition, the Rammstein coalition, the positions of the leaders of the countries are determined,” Klochok assured.

According to the political scientist, Marie Le Pen is a “played card”, because even Hungary managed to find a “key” and she unlocked $500 million in aid to Ukraine.

Macron's cunning

In his opinion, Macron promised Ukraine tanks so quickly because of cunning. The French leader knew that the Germans would decide on the transfer of tanks and decided that he would be the first.

They measure who has the shirt longer, they just play politics. This is more than obvious,” the political scientist believes.

According to Valery Klochko, Macron, who has had the largest number of telephone conversations with Putin, understands that he cannot help the Kremlin dwarf in any way. Putin will be crushed.

What Macron's statements about tanks mean: watch the video

Verbal dialogue with Russia< /h2>

The political scientist believes that the transfer of weapons to Ukraine from Western countries is unhurried due to verbal dialogue with the Russian authorities.

“If you do not make the decisions that we sent you before (hypothetically, this is the withdrawal of troops, a ceasefire, the absence of missile strikes), Ukraine will receive more and more military equipment. You will not win, but you will lose more and more,” Klochok explained. .

He is convinced that all participants in Ramstein know this position and adhere to such tactics and strategies, thus trying to bring Putin to his senses. But, according to Klochko, this is impossible.

Therefore, the strategy of messages to Putin is as follows: you do not fulfill the requirements – we provide Ukraine with more weapons, – the political scientist concluded.

Arms transfer to Ukraine: important news

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided to transfer battle tanks in Ukraine. According to SPIEGEL, we are talking about at least one company Leopard 2A6. At the same time, there is no official data on the decision.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the United States announced the likely dispatch of Abrams tanks. US officials have said the Biden administration is leaning towards sending large numbers of Abrams M1 tanks to Ukraine. The announcement of such a supply could be as early as this week.
  • Military analyst Igol Levin believes that if the French decide to supply Ukraine with Leclerc, they will provide no more than a company, because only they have such tanks. But, according to him, it will be great, because in the West these are the most modern tanks.

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