“This is a symbol”: Prime Minister of Bulgaria will visit Kyiv


"This is a symbol": Prime Minister of Bulgaria will visit Kyiv

Prime Minister of Bulgaria about his visit to Kyiv/bnr.bg

< strong _ngcontent-sc84="">Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov will visit Ukraine. He plans to arrive next week.

Petkov said he plans to leave for Kyiv with the team on Wednesday. First they will arrive in Poland. The Bulgarian politician refused to talk about his further route.

Bulgarian Prime Minister about his visit to Kyiv

The Bulgarian Prime Minister stressed that they are preparing special to travel at night and get to the capital of Ukraine. Petkov also said that trips to Kyiv are special, because the country is at war. According to him, being there is a symbol, and it is no coincidence that many world leaders have taken this step.

Because it is one thing to write on Facebook , another thing is to drive through military territory, get to Kyiv and show the Ukrainian authorities that we are with them,” added the Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

Kirill Petkov also said that Bulgaria handed over helmets and promised vests to Ukraine. According to him, a little or a lot, but this is help. During a visit to Kyiv, the Bulgarian politician will discuss the real needs of Ukrainians in order to decide what assistance his country can provide.

Petkov stressed that he personally would be happy to transfer military assistance to Ukraine, but his main task as prime minister is to so that the coalition agrees on a common position.

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