This is a very real plan, – Feygin about the closed sky over the West of Ukraine


This is a very real plan, – Feigin about the closed sky over the West of Ukraine

Feygin about the possibility of closing the sky in the West of Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

Recently, the former head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, Stanislav Kozei, said that Poland could close the sky over the western territory of Ukraine. He argued that Russia was shelling the regions that border on them, and consequently, on the NATO countries.

This scenario seems quite real. Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin told Channel 24 about this.

It was necessary to close the sky at least over the West of Ukraine immediately

According to him, it was worth closing the sky and creating a no-fly zone at least over the West of Ukraine from the very beginning. This would help reduce the flow of refugees to Europe. If the umbrella-covered West were to become a safe haven, where no rockets were launched, where nothing would explode or fly, the number of those who traveled abroad would be less.

There are absolutely practical benefits to this. At least in ensuring security for people in this region, says Feygin.

According to the Russian human rights activist, they did not do this in the first days and weeks, because they were afraid that Moscow would respond. Then open threats were heard from Russia. Like, try to intervene – you'll see. At that time, everyone had doubts about how events would unfold further. In addition, NATO, the EU and even the US then “held Poland's hands” and warned them to avoid direct intervention.

Why Now

The situation has gradually changed. Yes, some part of Western Europe continues to play the old fashioned way and tries to implement a peaceful scenario. But Feygin is convinced that this is not something that can be offered to Kyiv, because such a peace plan is actually a surrender plan.

The other part of Europe sees things differently. As Feigin explains, there are territories where there are battles – the South and the East. Therefore, it is not clear why they are shelling, for example, Lvov and Kyiv, if there are no hostilities there. It makes no sense to say that the Russians are launching missiles at strategic and military targets, because no one is bombing military units and warehouses somewhere near Moscow.

This is indeed a real plan. We need to see what Moscow will say to this, but it seems to me that it has nothing special to answer with. Since nothing is formally happening, this territory is not a war zone, there are no Russian troops there,” the Russian human rights activist believes.

Feigin suggests that now is the stage when you can begin to increase the safe territory of Ukraine. Starting from the West, circles can reach the war zone so that the territory where they are not fired upon.

“It seems to me that now is just the phase when Europe has a serious enough mandate to, at the request Ukraine to close with a flightless “umbrella” a part of the territory where no missiles and planes should arrive,” he summed up.

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