This is an idiot, – Feigin powerfully smashed Medvedev with absurd statements


It's an idiot, – Feigin powerfully smashed Medvedev with absurd statements

Human rights activist Feigin spoke about the former President of Russia Medvedev/Radio Liberty

Recently, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev actually declared the genocide of the Ukrainian people. And that he will do everything to destroy the Ukrainian people.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin told Channel 24 about this. He also added that it scares him when people start taking certain characters in Russia seriously who are not quite worth it.

No, there really are those who do not throw words to the wind, but this is definitely not Medvedev's case, Feigin adds.

This is an idiot, see for yourself. He was the Russian president, they told him to “get out” and he left. Even in the apparatus of the ruling elite, they do not perceive him as normal. The fact that Medvedev is trying to show himself as more than he is makes him even funnier, marks Mark Feigin.

He now holds the position of Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Russia and, in fact, this position does not solve anything, the human rights activist adds. He explains that the head of the National Security and Defense Council, and this is Putin, is in charge of everything, there is also the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Patrushev, this one really develops doctrines and other things, he explains.

“What depends on the words of Dmitry Medvedev in Russia – he is nobody. Yes, he managed to head the government of an aggressor country in the past,” says Feygin.

According to him, now he can only amuse us, like a clown, and with his actions he is trying to demonstrate to the Russian power elites that if why – he is ready to return to the presidency.

Russian insanity is growing stronger

Russian State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Volodin once again made a cynical statement about Ukraine. This time, he was “burnt” because of the proposal of the member of the European Parliament and the former head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Radoslaw Sikorski, to provide our country with nuclear weapons.

In his senile manner, the Russian politician said that because of such a step, he would not ” neither Ukraine nor Europe itself”.

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