This is not the same as surrendering, – the relatives of the defenders of Mariupol explained what extraction is.


This is not the same as surrendering, – relatives of the defenders of Mariupol explained what extraction is.

Relatives of the defenders of Mariupol explained what extraction is/Collage 24 channels . They explained that this procedure does not mean “surrender” at all.

Surrender means to be captured and killed, relatives of the fighters said at a press conference. In captivity, the defenders will not surrender, because it is humiliating for them.

In addition, in captivity there are no guarantees that the military will survive. And extraction is the salvation of fighters.

What does extraction mean

The procedure provides that the military will be withdrawn to the territory of another country with a guarantee that they will no longer participate in hostilities until the end of the war.

They are already so wounded and crippled that it is simply impossible for them to resist such an invasion any longer when they are fired from all possible types of weapons. – noted the relatives of the fighters.

They ask the world to take part in the rescue of the soldiers and act as guarantors that they will not be killed during the withdrawal of the fighters.

Relatives of the military say that Turkey remains the best option for the extraction of our military. The defenders of Mariupol can be evacuated by sea, since the distance allows it.

What is the situation at Azovstal

The defenders of the city have been at the Azovstal plant for more than 2 months. These are Azov fighters, marines, border guards, policemen, territorial defense forces and doctors. Previously, civilians also hid in the bunkers of the plant. However, on April 30, the ongoing procedure for their evacuation began.

Now negotiations are underway on the evacuation of seriously wounded soldiers and doctors from the territory of the plant. According to the Minister of Reintegration Irina Vereshchuk, there are 60 such people at the plant. Ukrainian soldiers reported that in total there were more than half a thousand wounded. In addition, it is necessary to take away the bodies of the fallen so that Ukraine can say goodbye to its heroes with dignity.

In Ukraine, they even created a petition to the UN and Secretary General António Guterres with a request to apply the extraction procedure for the defenders of Mariupol.

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