“This is only possible in one case”: will Poland transfer Leopard tanks without the consent of Germany


Warsaw said that if Berlin continues to delay the provision of tanks to Kyiv, then the Poles together they will create a coalition with other countries, which, without agreement with the Germans, will transfer the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Leopard. Such a situation is possible only in one case.

Namely, if the corresponding decision is supported by Washington class=”news-subtitle cke-markup”>Under what condition will Poland provide tanks to Ukraine without Germany's consent?

Thus, Poland and Eastern European countries do not exert sufficient influence on Germany on their own to carry out such steps. Most likely, such a scenario has already been agreed with the United States at a certain level. expert.

In his opinion, the supply of German Leopards to our state is a kind of “warm-up” before the provision of American Abrams. As soon as the Ukrainian defenders master the German tanks at a high level, they will receive the American ones.

Zhirokhov explained under what condition Poland will provide the tanks without the consent of Germany: watch the video

Berlin pursues its own selfish goals

Each country in this war has its own goals. Ukraine's support is not always sincere; it often pursues its own selfish interests. According to Zhirokhov, this is one of the reasons why Germany is dragging out the tank issue. The other is in the internal processes in the country.

A very difficult situation in the internal politics of Germany. About half of the burghers do not support the transfer of Leopard to Ukrainians, so Western politicians are forced to reckon with this, – said the military expert.

According to him, it was the combination of these factors that led the Germans themselves to not provide Leopard tanks to our state and veto the corresponding decision of other countries.

What is known about provision of German tanks to Ukraine

  • Berlin should soon decide on the provision of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Now the German government continues to study this issue. However, what this decision will be is still unknown.
  • German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said that Germany would not interfere with Poland's decision to transfer Leopard 2 to Ukraine without their consent. However, according to the official, Warsaw has not yet applied to Berlin with a request to be allowed to provide tanks to Ukraine.
  • There is still a certain breakthrough in the issues of providing Ukraine with German tanks, namely, an agreement to train our military to operate the Leopard 2. This is a signal that our state will still receive these tanks. According to military observer Alexander Musienko, if Berlin was preparing to refuse our state, the exercises would not have been initiated.

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