This is the “beheading” of the occupying troops, – Gumenyuk about the defeat of the headquarters near the Dnieper estuary


This is the

The Ukrainian army continues to destroy Russian headquarters and other military facilities in the occupied territories. Local residents are very helpful in this, giving away the location of Russians.

Natalia Gumenyuk, the speaker of the Operational Command “South”, told about this Channel 24. According to her, Ukraine continues the tactics of “exhausting” the enemy in anticipation of active operations.

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Ukrainian Resistance

Natalya Gumenyuk confirmed that about 70 Russian officers were wounded by a precision strike near the Dnieper estuary. Such tactics allow you to deplete the enemy materially and territorially, preventing him from gaining a foothold in the occupied territories.

Speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine talks about the defeats of Russians in the Kherson region: watch the video

Also, Russia has no way to bring up reserves, because Ukraine holds logistical routes under fire control, and pinpoint strikes are the result of cooperation with the resistance movement, which is why the Russians increase pressure on the local population.

That is why the occupiers are intensifying police measures in this territory up to a 7-10 day curfew so that people cannot leave their homes and cooperate, including providing the necessary information. Gumenyuk said.

Also, according to the speaker, the Russian troops have problems with the moral and psychological state, since the command uses “Kadyrovtsy” and “Russian Guards” to keep the newly mobilized in positions so that they do not run away. Due to the moral unpreparedness of the mobilized Russians, they are forced to look for ways to get away from their positions, but it was to contain them that they brought special detachments to contain them.

What's going on in the south

  • Russia continues to slowly but surely lose ground in southern Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine make the Russians constantly look for new locations and hit them with precise strikes.
  • The invaders began to gradually withdraw their positions in the south of the Zaporozhye region and strengthen to the south. From Tokmak, the Russians are driving part of the troops to Melitopol in anticipation of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • As a result of the cynical shelling of the center of Kherson, 11 people have already died. Russia carried out a terrorist act on Christmas Eve, December 24.

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