This is the first time: the SBU blocked the wallet of a Russian “volunteer” who collected money for the enemy's army


This is the first time: the SBU has blocked the wallet of a Russian "volunteer" who collected money for the enemy army

The Security Service of Ukraine for the first time blocked the wallet of the so-called Russian “volunteer” who raised funds for the army of the aggressor country .

Thus, on the initiative of the SBU, it was possible to block the virtual crypto hack of a Russian citizen who sponsors the Russian war in Ukraine.

Russian volunteer collected a crazy amount

A man proudly calling himself a volunteer has been collecting money for the needs of the occupying army since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia. By the time of blocking, more than 800 thousand in hryvnia equivalent had accumulated on the account of the Russian. Probably, this is how the citizens of Russia “do not support” Russia's war against Ukraine.

It has been established that the attacker used a significant part of the donations to buy military equipment for militants of terrorist organizations of the so-called “L/DPR”. The “volunteer” was informed of suspicion of financing terrorism.

The funds can be transferred to the needs of Ukraine

These funds were seized. Now the question is being decided how to trace them and bring them to Ukrainian jurisdiction. The arrest was carried out thanks to the evidence base that the SBU investigators gathered, as well as through the assistance of foreign crypto companies. , – the message says.

Note that recently the SBU exposed the Russian GRU intelligence group, which corrected enemy air strikes on Zaporozhye.

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