This is the real Bucha, – an activist from Kherson told what is happening in the occupied villages


This is the real Bucha, – an activist from Kherson told what is happening in the occupied villages

Kherson activist spoke about the atrocities of Russians/Suspilne

Everyone understands what invaders leave behind in occupied cities or in those that are on the front line. Russian invaders raze everything to the ground, and when they enter the village, they arrange real terror there.

Kherson activist Vladimir Molchanov told Channel 24 about this. He also noted that about 5,000 people used to live in the small village of Vysokopolye, but now there are hardly a thousand left.

In Vysokopolye, the occupiers daily shoot local residents. Residents of Vysokopolye fled on foot to the Dnipropetrovsk region, this is a huge tragedy – this is a real Bucha, – says Molchanov. APU data on the locations of the Russian invaders, the public activist notes.

On the one hand, Kherson residents see all these terrible things that can happen to them, says Vladimir Molchanov. However, on the other hand, they simply do not have the means to take themselves and their families out, he says.

The counteroffensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region continue

Head of the press center of the security and defense forces OK “South” Natalya Gumenyuk explained that the enemy is shelling with artillery and rockets the territories that have just been liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine or those that were not under occupation. So the invaders are trying to psychologically put pressure on the Ukrainians.

That is why now they do not announce which settlements our military has already managed to liberate. At the same time, she stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing, and people in the liberated territories are sincerely grateful to our military.

Natalya Gumenyuk also added that while the military operation is underway, she urges absolutely everyone to remain calm and wait for official messages, since only the military knows where they are, where they are moving and what successes they have.

What is happening in the territories of the temporarily occupied Kherson region

  • The Russian military cannot share power in the temporarily occupied Kherson region. In particular, skirmishes were recorded in Chernobaevka and Novaya Kakhovka.
  • The invaders are starting to go crazy with fear. They complain that they are constantly shelled by the Ukrainian military.
  • The invaders have been mining the Kherson region with ammunition since the 50s of the last century. Ukrainian intelligence notes that the shells were supposed to be destroyed, but the Russian command appropriated the funds for disposal and transferred the dangerous cargo to the advanced units of the invaders to mine defense positions.
  • The partisan movement has intensified in the Kherson region, so the Russian militants are unhappy. For example, in Kherson, the car of the head of correctional colony No. 90 Sobolev, who went over to the side of the invaders at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, was blown up.
  • Local residents warn uninvited guests that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are very close, but it’s too late to flee to Russia. The invaders will regret that they came to Ukrainian lands.

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