This may come as a surprise to us,” Feigin suggested who could replace Putin.


This may come as a surprise to us, – Feigin suggested who could replace Putin.

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Mark Feigin suggested who could replace Putin after death or liquidation mode. According to the human rights activist, it can be either a new figure in politics or someone with an “old face”.

Human rights activist Mark Feigin told about this on Channel 24. He also noted that someone from whom we do not expect and whom we do not know can temporarily replace Putin.

This will not be a successor figure, but an intermediate person for a short time. From Putin, no one will receive “political approval” for such changes, because Putin himself sees only himself as his successor. Feigin adds.

According to the human rights activist, he spent years creating this system under his rule. Therefore, this may be one of the reasons to get rid of it.

What is known about Putin's condition and the latest news in Russia is important

  • Finnish President Sauli Niiniste spoke with Putin on May 14. He said that soon the country will apply for NATO membership. Niinist himself initiated the conversation. He stressed that the national security situation in his country had changed radically after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • Russia is beginning to move towards the overthrow of the Putin regime. This is due, in particular, to the unsatisfactory state of health of the Kremlin dictator. The head of military intelligence of Ukraine Kirill Budanov spoke about this in a new interview. He stressed that Putin was simultaneously diagnosed with several diseases, one of which was cancer.
  • The US Senate registered a resolution recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, and its President Vladimir Putin as a terrorist.
  • < li> Germany will continue to support Ukraine during the Russian aggression. According to Olaf Scholz, Russian President Putin simply left them no other choice.

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