“This place is cursed”: people's “Netflix” made a trailer about Chernobaevka – funny video


Chernobaevka deserves to be filmed/Screenshot from the video

Chernobaevka in the Kherson region has already become a legend. For Ukrainians, this is a place of spectacular victories; for Russian invaders, it is a real hell. The story of the struggle in this village deserves to be filmed.

And while Netflix is ​​probably still thinking about the script, our people's “Netflix” has already released a trailer for a new cool blockbuster about Chernobaevka.

Chernobaevka is a road to hell for invaders

There is no film itself yet, but the story of Chernobyevka is an excellent plot for a comedy action movie. We are sure that after the victory we will definitely shoot such a movie.

It already has a working title – “Chernobaevka. The Road to Hell”. For the Russians, of course, because here the Ukrainian defenders sent them to hell at least 10 times.

The trailer accurately notes that the rashists in Chernobaevka are fighting an unequal battle with their stupidity. Because how else to explain their unsuccessful offensive attempts after repeated defeat.

“Chernobaevka. Road to Hell”: see the funny trailer

Information about the victory of our guys under Kherson even reached Russian propagandists. But they did not do without stupid incidents and embarrassed themselves on the air, talking about Chernobaevka.

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