This ship is very important for Russia, – military expert on the wrecked “Vsevolod Bobrov”


This ship is very important for Russia, - military expert on the downed Vsevolod Bobrov

“Vsevolod Bobrov” was let down/Channel 24 Collage

There is one less ship in Russia. The Ukrainian military shot down a new ship called “Vsevolod Bobrov” in the Black Sea.

This ship is of great importance for the aggressor country. Military expert Igor Koziy told Channel 24 about this.

“Moreover, this ship is very important for the logistics system or the logistics system of the Russian naval forces. This is unambiguous,” he added.

< p>According to him, the weight of this vessel is approximately equal to almost two hundred Russian scrap metal in the form of tanks, such as the T-90.

As for the bright future of the ship, then, in my opinion, it has been resolved. Like the rest of the “bright future” of the entire Russian Black Sea Fleet. That is, he was beaten and will continue to be beaten, – said Koziy.

He hopes that all other ships will follow the flagship “Moskva” and sink.

Russia lost the ship “Vsevolod Bobrov” : what is known

  • At first, intelligence sources reported that the aggressor state could lose another ship in the Black Sea. It was a project 23120 logistic support vessel, and there are only two of these in Russia.
  • Subsequently, the speaker of the Odessa military administration, Sergei Bratchuk, confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had attacked the enemy ship Vsevolod Bobrov. This ship is one of the newest in the Russian fleet. It was going in the direction of Zmeiny Island.
  • According to preliminary information, the ship is trying to return to Sevastopol, but this information is still being clarified.
  • At the same time, it is worth noting that if the infidels take the ship beyond the Chernoye sea ​​for repairs, Turkey will not let him back.

Reference. As of the morning of May 12 of February 24, the infidels lost 13 ships and boats. Over the past day, the General Staff added one more ship to the list. Probably, it was the Vsevolod Bobrov ship that was mentioned.

  • In the Odessa police department, it was previously noted that the Russian command is most afraid that the story of the “immersion” of Moscow would not be repeated with other ships.

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