This will not stop mobilization, the political strategist suggested how events in Russia will unfold further


This will not stop the mobilization, – the political strategist suggested how events in Russia will unfold further

The mobilization announced by Putin pushed the citizens of the aggressor country to protest, in particular, on 24 Another rally is scheduled for September. Yes, there will be more protesters.

This is the opinion of Channel 24voiced by political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman. According to him, the Russians are finally beginning to understand how this could end for them.

Protests, escape or prison: how Russians can avoid mobilization

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">It's another matter that they will all be packed too and this will not stop the mobilization. But this will somehow protect the honor of the fact that there are still people in Russia,” the political consultant noted.

In addition, the citizens of the aggressor country are trying to avoid mobilization by fleeing from the territory of Russia. Many countries have already closed their borders to Russians.

“It seems to me that it would be good to let these people go to any European country if they have already managed to escape. And there put them in internment camps in order return to Russia after the war “, Sheitelman noted.

Reference. An interned person is a person detained in some country and staying in conditions of limited freedom until the end of the war.

Sheitelman explained that in order to destroy one Russian military, the Western world spends 500 thousand euros. This amount is obtained if we take the total assistance of the West to our state and divide the number of liquidated invaders. Therefore, keeping Russians in the camp, in his opinion, is much cheaper.

The Russians have another way (to avoid mobilization – channel 24), if they were called into the army – you can go to jail,” the political strategist said.

0.01% of Russians go out to protest

According to Sheitelman, 25 million people are subject to mobilization in Russia. However, much fewer citizens of the aggressor country come out to protest, probably about 2.5 thousand people. That is, 0.01% of those subject to conscription are protesting.

What kind of culture can there be in a country where 2.5 thousand come out to protest when they are sent to kill people? – Sheitelman emphasized.

Yes, it is girls who mostly come out to protest. Men, on the other hand, “calmly get on the bus and go to the front to kill Ukrainians.”

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