This would be a very important signal – Zelensky would like Biden to visit Ukraine


This would be a very important signal – Zelensky would like Biden to visit Ukraine

This would be a very important signal – Zelensky wants to see Biden in Ukraine/Office of the President

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and a number of European diplomats have already visited Ukraine. However, one of the most powerful allies in the fight against the Russians is not yet in a hurry to Kyiv.

The United States of America provides Ukraine with insane support and assistance. They have become our powerful ally, contributing in every possible way to our victory over the Russian invaders.

Biden's expected visit

US President Joe Biden has consistently expressed support for Ukraine and is doing everything possible to increase the amount of assistance to our army and speed up the process of providing it.

According to Zelensky, Joe Biden should come to Ukraine and see with his own eyes the consequences of all those atrocities which are created in Ukraine by Russian infidels. Besides, it would be a very important signal to all our people.

Can you imagine what the visit of the President of the largest democratic country in the world means for our society. The United States is our strategic partner, and this visit would be a very powerful signal,” Zelensky said.

He recalled the great influence that the visit of the British Prime Minister had on our people and on Johnson himself, and assured that Ukraine has always waiting for Joe Biden to visit.

Russia's War to Ukraine: Latest News

  • Russians steal Ukrainian grain and block ports. This poses a great threat to food security around the world. In addition, some countries are trying to negotiate behind their backs with Russia on the purchase of stolen Ukrainian grain without too much publicity.
  • Ukraine will receive more weapons from the UK. The British government has decided to double military aid to Ukraine, to $1.6 billion.
  • A big air battle is taking place near Serpent's Island. Dozens of planes are involved in clashes, Russian infidels are suffering yet another loss. In general, the day in the South was not very successful for the Russians – the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit more than 120 enemy targets and eliminated at least 80 Rashists.

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