This would be the death of Putin, – explained Davidyuk, could Johnson work as the Prime Minister of Ukraine


This would be Putin's death, – Davidyuk explained, Johnson could have worked as Prime Minister of Ukraine

This would have been Putin's death, Davidyuk explained, Johnson could have worked as Prime Minister of Ukraine/Collage 24

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned. The politician stressed that he would continue to provide strong support to Ukraine.

However, Johnson is unlikely to leave the post for good. Political scientist Nikolai Davydyuk told Channel 24 about this.

Russia would not have survived this

The political scientist simulated an interesting situation in which Boris Johnson would become prime minister – Minister of Ukraine. Davidyuk is convinced that such a development of events would hit the aggressor country and the Kremlin dictator very hard.

The possibility of appointing Boris Johnson as prime minister of Ukraine would be the death of Putin. Politically, diplomatically and financially,” he said.

According to Davidyuk, this would be such a powerful strengthening of Ukraine that Russia would not be able to withstand it.

Johnson has great political prospects


Boris Johnson has always been a powerful political figure. Over the years of his activity, he was repeatedly elected to Parliament, was twice the mayor of London. “He will remain in the UK's top political league. Johnson is one of those politicians who are said to be: 'wherever you don't sow it, it will grow there.' noted that Johnson follows Churchill, whose biography has become prophetic for the politician. Therefore, he will definitely return to the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, even if he leaves it completely.

For the benefit of Ukraine

Mykola Davidyuk added that he uses the three months that Johnson will still remain prime minister with maximum benefit. In particular, for Ukraine.

Boris Johnson announced his resignation: briefly

  • On July 7, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation and left the post of leader of the Conservative Party.< /li>
  • Johnson emphasized that such a decision would in no way affect support for Ukraine. “Britain will continue to support your fight for freedom for as long as it takes,” he said.
  • Among the main contenders for the post of British Prime Minister are Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. They also have a clear and decisive position in support of Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called Johnson a true friend of Ukraine. He said that the whole Ukrainian society took this news with sadness. The Commander-in-Chief thanked Johnson for his resolute and uncompromising support of Ukraine from the first day of the Russian invasion.

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