This year is the beginning of Putin's finale, Biden's visit to Kyiv was a serious blow, – political scientist


This year – is the start of Putin's finals, Biden's visit to Kiev was a serious blow, – political scientist

On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the federal assembly. The dictator mainly spoke about the war in Ukraine.

On the air Channel 24 political scientist Alexander Antonyuk noted that the Russian security service caught several YouTube channels that begin to speak rational things. For those theses, they should be punished, because they face imprisonment for this.

The political scientist said that the FSB is essentially the successor to the KGB, which did not disappear from power after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Including the personnel reserve, because Putin is from their midst.

They already, at least at the level of their institutional modeling systems, understand that they will lose the war. They understand that the next challenge is unrest in Russia. It will be extremely important for them the strategic task to keep Russia in the volumes that they had at least until 2014, – said Alexander Antonyuk.

In addition, he emphasized that Putin's nuclear blackmail looks, most likely, like a bluff. Because even on those YouTube channels they are clearly aware of how the use of even the simplest, most primitive nuclear projectile will end.

“I'm already making certain predictions for myself, assumptions that this year is not something for Putin already set unsuccessfully – it becomes the beginning of his final,” Antonyuk suggested.

According to him, in general, we see that the “machine” is running out of steam. And the arrival of Biden is a serious blow in the stomach. A year ago, most democratic countries hastily curtailed their diplomatic missions, embassies and left the territory of Ukraine. Today, the US president calmly comes to Kiev, meets with the president of Ukraine, walks the streets.

According to the political scientist, we see how Western countries, including Israel, are beginning to come to the conclusion that democratic countries should be a coalition . After all, it depends on the war in Ukraine whether there will be a third world war or not. The global development of the whole world will depend on our success.

Putin's latest statements

  • On February 21, Vladimir Putin crawled out of the bunker and sounded a “message”. In particular, the bunker grandfather stressed that Russia is suspending its participation in the Strategic Arms Forces Treaty.
  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin rewards murderers. He gave the name to the “Guards” 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, which owned the Buk that shot down the Malaysian Boeing.

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