Thought it would be intimate? In Rivne, a swindler put a stranger to sleep and stole UAH 100 thousand

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 Did you think that there would be sex? In Rivne, a swindler put a stranger to sleep and stole UAH 100 thousand

In Rivne, at the beginning of September 2021, a woman robbed a man for 100 thousand UAH , having mixed him with sleeping pills in the drink. The police did not reveal the details until December 1. The malefactor was found, and her case was sent to court.

According to the investigation, while the man was under the influence of an unknown substance, the suspect withdrew cash, bought groceries and paid for Internet entertainment.

The press service said that at the end of September an unknown woman approached 59- summer local, they met, after which they bought food and went to the apartment of a local.

– During the feast, the girl poured an unknown substance into the glass of the owner of the house, after which he fell asleep. She stole $ 2,150, three gold items, two bank and two phone cards, – said the press secretary of the National Police of the region, Maria Yustitskaya.

The police also reported that the woman made 15 banking transactions, and when the credit limit expired, she increased it using internet banking and SIM cards.

In total, the attacker inflicted about UAH 100,000 in damage to the man.

< p> Militiamen tracked down the woman at the place of residence. She turned out to be a 24-year-old woman from Vinnytsia , who had previously been brought to justice. It is also known that she has five young children and lives with a civilian man.

The woman was informed of suspicion of theft and fraud. The maximum punishment that a suspect can face is up to five years in prison.

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