Threat from Russia: Moldova will seek foreign military assistance to strengthen its defense capability

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Threat from Russia: Moldova will seek foreign military assistance to strengthen its defense capability

The speaker of the Moldovan parliament and the leader of the party in power confirmed that his country will seek international partners for help for the armed forces.

The Head of the Moldovan Parliament, who heads the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party, Igor Grosu, said that his country is ready to accept foreign military assistance to increase the defense capability of the National Army against the backdrop of war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

He said this in an interview with Prime TV channel, commenting on the statement by British Foreign Minister Liz Truss about the possibility of supplying weapons to Moldova.

“We have strategic partners who enjoy confidence and understand the situation in which we are. We will contact them. Everything will be within the framework of the law and existing international treaties,” Igor Grosu assured.

The speaker of the Moldovan parliament stressed that the Moldovan army has not received new weapons for many years, so “the armed forces need investments to be able to defend the country in order to counter the threats that we have all seen.”

He recalled that earlier Moldova had already received military assistance from the United States and NATO, with which it cooperates under the Partnership for Peace program.

“We must have an equipped army, an equipped border police, and have monitoring systems. And we will When and with whom we will do this depends on the Ministry of Defense, which should provide an analysis of the necessary assistance, “Grosu stressed.

Last week, the head of the British Foreign Office told The Daily Telegraph that allies from NATO is discussing the issue of not only Ukraine, but also Moldova being armed according to the standards of the Alliance. She answered in the affirmative to the question that the reason for this is the military threat to Moldova from Russia.

Recall that earlier the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, said that at present the country actually does not have a combat-ready army and this situation needs to be changed.< /p>

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