“Threat to national security”: people's deputy Bezuglu wants to be recalled from the Security Committee of the Rada


People's Deputy Marianna Bezuglu is to be expelled from the National Security and Defense Committee. The corresponding draft resolution was submitted by his colleague in the Servant of the People faction Fyodor Venislavsky.

Draft resolution No. 9068, registered on February 28, writes Channel 24 . As evidenced by the explanatory note to the document, Venislavsky cites “improper performance of Bezuglya's duties as deputy head of the profile committee” as a rationale for making such a decision.

Bezuglu accused of transmitting false information

According to Venislavsky, on February 16, Bezugla provided the committee with false information about the preliminary approval by her and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of draft law No. 4210 for the second reading.

We are talking about a document that allows you to appoint a military minister for a period of martial law without his resignation from service. At the same time , the deputy did not confirm this information with documents .

According to a letter dated February 22, 2023, from the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, to the chairman of the committee, Oleksandr Zavitnevich, draft law No. 4210 is not supported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine .

As a result, according to Venislavsky, Bezugla deliberately provided false information to people's deputies – members of the committee, in order to encourage them to take or not to take decisions on the issues considered by the committee. This may be recognized as a criminal offense in accordance with Part 1 of Article 351 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

It is noted that the transfer of false information to people's deputies – members of the committee on national security, defense and intelligence in order to induce them to make or not make decisions on the issues under consideration is a direct threat to the national security of Ukraine, especially in martial law.

In order to eliminate this threat, it was proposed to exclude Bezuglu from the personal composition of the committee.

Bezuglaya connects this proposal with his struggle against being on the Lyovochkin committee

Marianna Bezugla wrote on Facebook that Bill 4210 was a surprise to her. She suggested that Venislavsky's proposal may be related to his struggle against the people's deputy of the former OPF faction Sergei Levochkin.

“About the draft resolution of Venislavsky to expel me from the committee. I can’t comment in detail, because for the sake of surprise. A few days later he sent me a personal draft, as a threat. Perhaps this is due to my struggle against Lyovochkin’s being on the Rada committee on issues national security, defense and intelligence,” Bezugla wrote.

She added that representatives of the former HLE should not be in the defense committee and in the Ukrainian parliament.

“The decision of Venislavsky is 'mirror' regarding the one registered by me in relation to Levochkin,” Bezugla noted.

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