Threaten with strikes on Germany: Solovyov called Scholz and Burbock “Nazis” because of the Leopard tanks


Threats Germany with strikes: Solovyov called Scholz and Burbock

Germany is getting closer to the decision to provide Ukraine with its Leopard-2 tanks and give the “green light” to supply them to their allies. In Moscow, because of this, it burns so much that propagandist Vladimir Solovyov decided to threaten strikes on German territory and called its leadership “Nazis”.

On the air of his propaganda show, Vladimir Soleviev made a number of scandalous statements. First of all, according to him, by providing tanks to Ukraine, Germany becomes a legitimate target for Russian strikes. Solovyov was “carried away” again. This time because of the German tanks. Threatening strikes against Germany, the propagandist said that the blame for this would lie with Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. According to Solovyov, by providing tanks, Germany will become a party to the conflict.

Solovyov called Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock and the aforementioned Pistorius “the new Nazi leadership”.

Pistorius will go down in history as one of the Germany was in the zone of direct defeat. And Scholz. And Burbock. The German people will know what next Nazi leaders they brought up and brought to power,” Solovyov said hysterically.

It should be noted that the propagandist did not change the training manual. After stuffing in the direction of the German leadership, Solovyov began shouting throughout the studio about “8 years of shelling of Donbass” and that Germany had been lying through the mouth of former Chancellor Angela Merkel for these 8 years. But Soloviev and his ilk should already be screaming about “9 years”, but they obviously don't have new manuals yet.

Soloviev “carried” again: watch the video

Pay attention! According to media reports, Germany is already ready to transfer a company of Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine. However, Berlin has not yet made an official statement about the provision of tanks.

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