Three dead and 14 wounded: Russia shelled the Kherson region 90 times a day


Three dead and 14 wounded: Russia shelled Kherson region 90 times a day

Russia continues to attack Kherson and Kherson region, in particular, they do not stop terrorizing Kherson hospitals. Today, blows were struck at the children's regional hospital in Kherson, and on Sunday they hit the premises of the Red Cross.

About this Channel 24said Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuriy Sobolevsky. He noted that this is a conscious act of terrorism, because the occupiers are well aware that the buildings they are attacking are not military installations or critical infrastructure.

He said that 90 attacks on the territory were recorded per day Kherson region, 21 – directly in the city of Kherson.

Unfortunately, 3 people died, 14 were injured. There are severe injuries, and now the doctors are fighting for the lives of these people,” Sobolevsky said.

He noted that shelling continues throughout the day. On the morning of January 16, there was a hit in the children's regional hospital.

“Fortunately, no one was injured there. The building was damaged. Today or tomorrow we will repair the damage and continue to work,” he said.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">Acts of Terrorism

According to the deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council, this is not the first time the Russians have shelled medical facilities in the Kherson region. They got to the children's regional hospital earlier. To the premises of the Red Cross also – in December 2022. Then a volunteer and a member of the Red Cross Rapid Response Team Victoria Yarishko died.

Such actions of the occupiers are acts of terrorism. They use non-precision weapons, they beat with MLRS, artillery, mortars. But the objects they hit are humanitarian: hospitals, educational institutions where there are humanitarian centers, the State Emergency Service, where is the base of rescuers who leave after shelling to save people, – he stressed.

The latest shelling of the Kherson region: watch the video

The goal of the enemy is to harm civilians

According to him, Russians strike at hospitals, at people who save lives.

They are beaten with unguided weapons, as well as anti-personnel ammunition. From time to time they hit Kherson with incendiary ammunition,” he stressed.

Sobolevsky believes that all this is being done in order to harm the civilian population as much as possible.

“So that there is an atmosphere of terror in Kherson, fear and people are afraid to live in the Kherson region. But they will not achieve anything by this,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council.

What is happening in the Kherson region: the main thing

  • January 10 under a shell exploded through the windows of a five-story building in Kherson. One person was injured, other residents of the house are shocked. As a result of the “arrival” of the rocket, a huge crater similar to a “lake” was formed near the residential area.
  • On January 11, Russian invaders again fired at the maternity hospital in Kherson, in which there was a woman in labor with a baby. An employee of the establishment was seriously injured. The fire in the building has been contained.
  • On January 13, Russian invaders attacked the bus depot. Because of the shelling, 16 buses were damaged, cars, warehouses and a building for security were also mutilated. According to preliminary information, one of the guards was injured.

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