Tied to a car and rolled around the village: in Russia, a soldier who came on vacation from “svo” was killed


Tied to a car and rolled around the village: in Russia, a soldier who came on vacation from

There was a brutal murder in Russia. His victim was a fighter who came to the aggressor country on vacation after participating in the so-called “special operation”. First he was robbed and then killed.

According to Russian media, the other day a brutal murder took place in the village of Kiknur, Kirov region, Channel 24 reports. A fighter who participated in the so-called “special operation” came there on vacation. He managed to rest well.

The details of the murder are horrifying.

It is known that Daniil Razumov is a 25-year-old contract soldier. He came on vacation after participating in the war against Ukraine. It is known that the guy came to some apartment where there were already people. A conflict broke out between them.

Everything that happened next, on the head does not fit. Razumov was seriously injured and fell into a coma. It is known that the criminals beat Daniil for several hours. After that, the fighter was tied to a car with a rope and rolled around the village. The skin on the back of the fighter was torn to the bone. His head suffered so much that it literally turned into a ball with a huge hole. The boy died from his injuries in the hospital.

According to available information, Daniel had a wife. She has two children from a previous marriage.

What is known about the killers

Note that the names of the killers are known. We are talking about Igor, Stanislav and Dmitry Akishin. Daniil Kuznetsov, Yuri Afanasiev and Konstantin Korobeinikov also worked with them on replenishing the statistics of the “200th”. True, only 33-year-old Igor Akishin was arrested. True, they plan to bring him to justice under the article “causing grievous bodily harm, negligently resulting in death.”

True, the locals are frightened by this company. They said that the guys regularly raped, robbed and beat people in Kiknur. But the police didn't pay attention to that. They also did their best to keep the information out of the upper management.

Finally, let us remind you of Russia's losses in the war against Ukraine. As of the morning of March 17, the General Staff reported on 163,320 fighters of the aggressor country, who were sent to the “Kobzon concert”

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