TikTok invests 100 million rubles in support of Russian creators

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TikTok invests 100 million rubles in support of Russian creators

TikTok is going to invest 100 million rubles to support Russian creators. The leading short video platform launches the Inspirational Creators Foundation, giving them the opportunity to monetize their content for the first time.

It is noted that content creators have always been the heart of TikTok, making the platform a space for self-expression and creativity. Since 2019, millions of Russian authors have joined the platform.

The Inspirational Creators Foundation's mission is to support content creators who want to inspire others. With the help of the Foundation, platform users will be able to receive rewards for the efforts they put into creating content.

To become a member of the program, content authors must be 18 years of age or older and regularly post interesting content.

It is noted that the topics of content can be videos about cooking, fitness, fashion and beauty, DIY and others. The task of authors wishing to take part in the program is to post at least 30 videos over a period of two months, and the minimum cumulative number of views of all videos must be at least 900,000.

The fund will become available to program participants in June 2021. And in August, all authors of content on the platform that meet the requirements of the program will be able to apply for participation through a special page in the TikTok app.

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