Time is not on the side of Ukraine: the war in Ukraine should end as soon as possible – The Washington Post


Time is not on the side of Ukraine: the war in Ukraine must end as soon as possible, – The Washington Post

As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, the Biden administration promises to support Kiev “for as long as as needed.” This is a clear signal to the head of the Kremlin, Putin, but this is not what Ukrainians want to hear. Although they fight bravely, they also suffer a lot – and ask the West to help them end the war, and not dwell on dragging it out.

Days before the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Biden visited Kiev and gave a powerful speech in Poland, promising that the West “will never falter” in the fight for freedom and democracy.

Allies at the Munich Security Conference also announced the endless loyalty and support of the Ukrainian people in the fight against the aggressor.

Why “as much as you need” is not what you need

At the same time, the author notes that almost all Ukrainian officials with whom he met in Munich, with all due respect, disagree and it's not just about weapons.

The thing is that such a stance could undermine Kiev's strategy of accelerating military efforts now and avoiding a stalemate. A protracted war means victory for Putin and the loss of their country as they know it, the article says.

Biden's messages signal that the West is psychologically and politically preparing for a protracted war. But Ukrainian officials emphasize that “the window of opportunity for victory is closing.”

Time is against us: Ukraine is suffering losses and destruction

Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, energy production and agricultural facilities cause serious damage to the economy. The Ukrainian military is suffering losses.

Further destruction will mean that Ukraine will become even more dependent on the West, and reconstruction will become expensive and difficult, analysts noted.

< p>The publication also quotes the Ukrainian People's Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko, who believes “if the war continues for a few more years, and then there is a victory … it will be a Pyrrhic victory.”

Kyiv demands to speed up military efforts

Biden administration officials rightly emphasize the massive amount of military aid to Ukraine. At the same time, The Washington Post notes that the White House's fear of an escalation with Russia has hampered its willingness to give Ukraine what the Armed Forces need to win this year's war.

“Ukrainians demand long-range missiles, drones , more air defenses and many tanks as well as fighter jets,” the article adds.

Delaying weapons costs lives, because if we provided weapons, it could shorten the war.

Providing Ukraine with the necessary weapons from the West to avoid a “dead end” is interpreted by some Ukrainian officials as a deliberate strategy to push for negotiations with the aggressor country. At the same time, Ukrainian officials argue that negotiations are possible only when Putin feels more pressure.

Are Ukrainians ungrateful

The first thing you hear from any Ukrainian is thank you. Ukrainians are ungrateful or greedy – they are trying to survive. But their desperation is growing, the article notes.

“As long as it takes” should not become an excuse for lack of urgency. By the anniversary of next year, Ukraine, which needs to be saved, may not exist.

Actually about Western military assistance

  • On the anniversary of a full-scale Russian invasion, the US announced a new military aid package. in the amount of $ 2 billion.
  • Today, February 24, the leaders of the G7 will gather at an online summit to once again emphasize the support of our state. There will also be a discussion of weapons issues.

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