To avoid a war between NATO and Russia: Scholz explained why against fighter jets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


To avoid war between NATO and Russia: Scholz explained why against fighter jets for the Armed Forces

Germany has no plans to provide modern fighter jets to Ukraine. In addition, Berlin wants to avoid a possible escalation between NATO and Russia.

This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, stressing that the question of a possible provision of fighter jets to Ukraine does not even arise yet.

Germany against providing Ukraine with modern fighters

Commenting on the calls of the Ukrainian side, in particular the former Ukrainian ambassador Andriy Melnyk, to provide fighters, Scholz warned “entering into constant competition for higher rates when it comes to weapons systems.”

“If another debate starts in Germany immediately after the decision is made, it does not look too serious and undermines the confidence of citizens in the decisions of the government,” the German Chancellor stressed, referring to the recent decision to supply battle tanks to Kyiv.

He also said that decisions on military assistance to Ukraine are made in such a way as to prevent a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

The German Chancellor, who takes his oath seriously, must do everything so that Russia's war against Ukraine does not turn into a war between Russia and NATO. – said Scholz.

In conclusion, he added that he “will not allow such an escalation”.

Scholz believes that it is possible to negotiate with Putin

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz still believes that something can be negotiated with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.
  • However, he also noted that the last telephone conversations with Putin did not take place in “polite tones.” That is, the Kremlin is not at all interested in the world.
  • According to Scholz, the Russian dictator repeated as a mantra that he has the right to seize a neighboring country.
  • The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, stated that Scholz, who has been criticized for being hesitant about handing over Western tanks to Ukraine, actually played a key role in breaking the unofficial taboo on such assistance. In particular, it was he who convinced US President Joe Biden of the need to supply American tanks, who doubted what should be done.
  • Recall that Germany did make the long-awaited decision for Ukraine on the supply of Leopard 2. From Berlin, our the military will receive a company of such tanks.

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