To compensate for military needs: the Kremlin significantly reduces the supply of medicines to hospitals


To compensate for military needs: the Kremlin significantly reduces the supply of medicines to hospitals

With every month of conducting a full-scale war in Ukraine, the Russian authorities are forced to reduce entire areas of public procurement to free up funding for the needs of the army. However, if at first non-critical for the life of the population industries such as tourism suffered from this, now attempts to save more and more concern medicine and social benefits.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services strong>, the Russian government has made a fundamental decision to reduce the purchase of medicines for patients in civilian hospitals by at least 40%. The Kremlin will use the saved funds to finance existing and new groups.

In general, a total change in the approach of distributing money from the Russian budget and the Federal Reserve Fund took place back in June 2022, when the invaders first encountered the impossibility of adequately financing the army and providing units at least at the level of previous years.

The outback suffer the most

  • If we talk about reducing the costs of the aggressor state on the healthcare system, the first problems in Russia began already a few months after the start of a full-scale invasion. Due to the destruction of logistics systems, foreign-made drugs began to disappear from the shelves of pharmacies. And although foreign pharmaceutical companies did not leave the Russian market in principle, the supply of a number of drugs to the aggressor country did not resume.
  • When the Russian government was forced to go into reserves to finance the war, the financiers were forced to decide to save on all costs. In medicine, this has resulted in the zeroing of the free chemotherapy program. In addition, Muscovy has stopped purchasing expensive drugs to support HIV patients.
  • At the same time, due to the inability to produce insulin and conventional syringes, as well as catheters, hemodialysis products and droppers, the Russian Ministry of Health allowed the use of already used disposables.
  • At the same time, the supply of medicines to public hospitals across the country has been steadily declining. Almost all warehouses began to work to provide only necessary medical institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, while deliveries to hospitals in the outback were reduced. However, subsequently the Russian capital experienced a shortage.

According to the data published in the Russian propaganda media, due to savings for the war, government purchases of medicines in Russia in 2022 fell by only 8%.However, these figures only indicate a reduction in the total amount of funds spent and do not reflect reality. In fact, the government of the aggressor country simply forced the Ministry of Health to neglect civilians and, first of all, provide for the needs of the military. According to official data alone, the supply of everything necessary for city hospitals, hospitals and clinics at the regional level has decreased by an average of 24%.

At the same time, in 2023, officials of the Ministry of Health of the aggressor country were obliged to cut spending on public procurement of medical facilities by at least 40%. However, in all likelihood, due to lack of funds, officials will not be able to maintain spending even at this level.

Priority purchases for the military

Russia's spending on medicine this year is not just significant will be reduced, but will also change their structure in favor of the military. Due to the shortage of personnel, the Kremlin leadership wants to change the approach to the treatment of its Horde soldiers so that they return to the war as soon as possible after being wounded.

Therefore, more than 60% of medical expenses will be directed to the purchase of drugs for the treatment of “three hundredth “occupiers. So the population of Russia should not expect any improvement in self-care from the state. Moreover, Putin does not give a damn if Saratov pharmacies have effective foreign-made antipyretic drugs and whether operating rooms in Tambov are provided with everything necessary. Most of all, this approach of the bunker Fuhrer and his entourage will suffer in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. Since the provision of the Donbass and the South of Ukraine, Russia generally follows the residual principle.

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